[AD] An exciting new Linkar Suite 2.2

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Aug 16, 2021, 8:25:05 AM8/16/21
to jBASE

The new Linkar Suite 2.2 Version is available for download. You can install it through the Linkar Manager or download from https://kosday.com/resources/

WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar Suite installed)
You must upgrade the MV Components.
If you want use the new UpdatePartial function you must upgrade to Linkar Framework 2.2

0000810: Migration to .NET 5.0
0000791: Linkar Suite can now run on Docker platforms.
0000819: Bug fixed in the creation of the new statistics files.
0000779: New LinkarServerConsole command (Windows/Linux/IOS)
0000751: Implementation of 3 retries of database connection
0000750: Correct resizing of the data buffer size on reception.
0000830, 0000860: New automatic license update service
0000832, 0000836, 0000889: Improvements in the opening and closing of database sessions.
0000780: Linkar user passwords can now be displayed.
0000781, 0000782: Added new validations deleting Profiles or EntryPoints
0000787: A new port is used to receive https requests.
0000784, 0000785, 0000823: New Management of password collection via web service
0000854: Added new menu "Kestrel" in Linkar Manager/Linkar Logs
0000890: Bug Fixed in ResetCommonBlock of Linkar Manager
0000825: Bug fixed when hot removing database sessions
0000842: Bug fixed in REST API Index out of array bounds
0000796, 0000797: Improvements in swagger documentation in Linkar Rest API
0000826: New Linkar REST API Manager.
0000843: Bug fixed in XML type calls from Linkar REST API Tester
0000752: Improved UPDATE and NEW functions with XML and JSON formats
0000789: Added UpdatePartial function in Linkar Framework 2.2
000731: Improved automatic generation of properties in Linkar Schemas
000862: Bug fixed in Universe. GET.LIST in PreselectClause of the Select function.

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