J/92 prop stut

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Nov 9, 2022, 12:30:50 PM11/9/22
to J/92 Owners
As I'm working to replace engine mounts/cutlass bearing and add a drive saver, I'm finding my strut has quite a bit of lateral movement. Maybe 1/4" each side.  It's not loose nuts.

It doesn't seem right.  Any thoughts on where to find a replacement?  Does J/boats or a dealer have access to this sort of thing?

3/4" shaft.  3" long tube.  Unsure of angle at this time but will check it.  

Tim Roche

Nov 9, 2022, 2:16:31 PM11/9/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
I don't know if that's normal or not... 
Mine had to be replaced when the prop threw a blade, there was no part available as far as I know, the yard built a new one out of stainless steel.

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Dan Stone

Nov 9, 2022, 2:19:01 PM11/9/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com

I haven't posted this yet but I snapped my strut off the boat last summer.  It was blowing hard, we were trying to get a jib up to sail jib only and the middle of the sheet went overboard unnoticed and wrapped around the shaft, the engine stopped but not before it snapped the strut off.

The strut is made of fiberglass and I think mine had been repaired by a previous owner.  It left the bolts in place so not a drop of water entered the boat.

The real short story is after some false starts, Jorge Borges of International Marine Composites, Inc in Bristol, RI recommended I have it fabricated out of stainless steel, so he introduced me to Chuck ant Temples Machine, right up the street and, using the old one to gauge the pitch and everything, he made me a very expensive ($1,800) stainless steel strut that is an absolute masterpiece, almost belonged on my mantel or something.  The bolt holes didn't line up but the flange (?) was about the right size and slightly curved.  And the yard installed it pretty easily.  

I could probably hang from this with all my weight and it wouldn't move... 

I bought the bearing at Defender and delivered it to them...

The other option was a bronze adjustable unit where you cut a hole in the boat, and once it's adjusted, secure it in some fashion, then fiberglass it all in.  My fuel tank along with a plywood ridge was really in the way for that, but it could have been done... that was from Prue Foundry.

Dan Stone
Triple Play #9



Nov 9, 2022, 2:59:00 PM11/9/22
to J/92 Owners

Dan - that is a work of art.

Hull #14 has what appears to be an all-fiberglass shaft bearing strut that is thicker than I've seen on other J/92's. I doubt it's original and suspect a previous owner had to beef it up like others mentioned above. There is no wiggle in it. Old photo attached.

I did the same work last winter - new engine mounts, shaft coupler, stuffing box hose and cutlass bearing. Had a propeller shop straighten the shaft and repair the folding propeller (opened well past 180deg). While we're on the topic of prop shafts, one clever trick I came across is to add an inexpensive two-piece shaft collar inside the boat - if the shaft ever separates from the coupler (set screw backs off), it wont slide far enough aft to fall out or jam the rudder.

Never Settle #14


Nov 9, 2022, 3:14:36 PM11/9/22
to J/92 Owners
Thanks, guys!  Keep it coming.  

I also am doing the PSS Shaft seal and also got that shaft collar.  That thing is well worth the price. 

Without digging the fairing compund out and looking, mine feels like a fracture at the strut base plate but the bolts are deep enough to keep it from breaking/separating.  I ran the boat 40 hours like this without issue, but it just doesn't seem right and the boat is on a trailer so I'll dig into it some more.
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