Water instead of balsa

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Paolo Ciceroni

Jan 30, 2023, 3:31:52 AM1/30/23
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
Orribile news. The instruments that check the water in the fiberglass suond vert hard in corrispondente of all tracks in the deck of my boat. I suggest to all owners of this fantastic boat to demount every 3/4  year every scew that pass the deck and use a good sigilant as gasket in all holes. No water was found in the hull but the deck Is very damaged. I'm selling the boat but now the buyer wants to reduce the price of the amount of the work (a lot of Money!!!).
Paolo Ciceroni from Italy


Jan 30, 2023, 5:02:16 AM1/30/23
to j92o...@googlegroups.com

Hi Paolo,

I had the same problem with the genua tracks of my J92 Jack Flash, hull#11. I demounted the 2 tracks, drilled bigger holes, ca. 8 mm instead of ca. 5 mm, completdy filled all the holes with GFK and drilled in new holes, put extra sikaflex before bolting again the tracks and now it is 99% dry.

Greeting from Lake of Constance

Thomas Wenk

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Jan 30, 2023, 7:03:38 AM1/30/23
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
Same here.
We completely stripped all the hardware from the deck since we bought our J/92s a few years ago.
The deck under the jib tracks was completely soaked with water. It was balsa core under the jib track, but just next to the holes there was a plywood core. Looked like a really bad (inaccurate) job from the builders to be honest. My guess is they put the plywood core just in the wrong place. 

I cut out a strip of around 10cm wide along the whole jib track, glued a foam core (corecell m200) and a few layers of glass on top and a bit of white paint for the finish. Before the glass I drilled out 15mm holes and filled them with Spabond, so if there’s any water coming in through the bolts the core will be protected. The job was all done from down below, so I hadn’t had to touch the deck.

This year I’m doing the front hatch. :-(
All the best from the Baltic!


Am 30.01.2023 um 11:02 schrieb thoma...@remax.de:

Paolo Ciceroni

Jan 31, 2023, 12:13:28 AM1/31/23
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
The problem is in ALL the deck and ALL the cockpit of the boat!
I have to spend a LOT of money or reduce the price of the boat of the same amount (I think about the 25% of my request). I don't know WY tthey use balsa instead of the PVC sponge (as in the hull) in the deck. Bad work?



Jan 31, 2023, 8:12:53 AM1/31/23
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
Hi Patrick,
All the steps of the jobs are pretty straight forward. For me it was the first time I did something like that.

I used a Fein Multimaster to cut through the glass and the wet core, then a chisel to clean it all up. Just be careful not to cut through the deck! Laminating overhead needs a bit of thinking and planing in advance. Other than that no magic involved. 😄

Not sure if you meant the wooden strips that cover the bolts and nuts? They are just for decoration. We left them off now, so I always can see whats going on.

Good luck

Am 30.01.2023 um 19:41 schrieb d73p6...@gmail.com:

How hard was it to pop off the wood strips off where the nuts are on the interior for the tracks? I need to look at this on my 92S

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