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Patrick M

Oct 10, 2022, 1:54:47 PM10/10/22
to J/92 Owners

I converted the system last winter to the Blue Sea ACR on my 92S and it worked well. The only caveat is there was significant consumption/electrolysis of the zinc this summer, even to the point of replacing it midway through the season. Last year when the boat was hauled the zinc was barely changed; this year its consumption quite pronounced (glad it did its job!) Anyone else have experience with this and any grounding issues? 

John Madey

Oct 10, 2022, 4:47:08 PM10/10/22
to Patrick M, J/92 Owners

There should be a green ground wire that connects all the metal to the keel. Life lines, mast, engine, shaft etc

Did anything change in your dock neighborhood?  I had a couple of years where my zincs looked a little sketchy then it went away after I got a couple of new neighbors. I suspect one of their shore power systems was “leaking” current into the water and it was finding it way back through mine. They moved and suddenly my zincs come out of the water looking like new

PSA - never swim in a harbor for this very reason. Electro shock drowning 

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