I made it happen, Now so many questions.

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Galan “Rhett” Smith

Dec 27, 2022, 10:42:41 PM12/27/22
to J/92 Owners
The SF Bay now has a new J 92 resident.  The ex-Smile and Wave, hull # 10 from Seattle, has been successfully trailered and is waiting to have the bottom sprayed before being deposited in the water.  The boat is in very good condition and needs very little. I do have one improvement I am considering before I put the mast back in.  With an eye on limited  ocean racing I would like to install the required masthead mounted VHF antenna. 
     Has anyone done this who can share any insight? 

This will be the first of a few conversations as I have many people to thank. Right now time is of the essence to see if I can pull this off before the mast goes back in the boat just after the first of the year.

    Thanks for any input. 

JD Vincent

Dec 28, 2022, 9:50:10 AM12/28/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
I put a VHF antenna at the top of my mast.  My boat is a 92S built in France with a Sparcraft mast, so likely different than yours.  My mast has a conduit inside through which the antenna cable, and a power cable for the masthead light, are led from a hole in the mast just below the deck to masthead.  The tricky part would be feeding the cable into the bottom end, because the conduit ends a few feet above the mast step.

Masthead VHF antenna will obviously provide much improvement in VHF transmission and reception.

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Patrick Leonard

Dec 28, 2022, 9:50:21 AM12/28/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
I installed a Shakespeare VHFantenna on my J-92 mast last spring. It's required equipment for both the Chicago & Bayview Mac races.  I used a 50' electrician's snake from a hole on the flat mast-top plate to the bottom of the mast & then snaked from the bottom to an enlarged hole about 3 ft up from the bottom where the other wires exit. I ran a wind instrument cable the same way the year before. I discovered that I could not get the cable to run in the plastic tube provided in the front of the mast for wires without removing the main sheave from the top of the mast, so I didn't bother. My cable is run free, along with the halyards, risking getting damaged or fouled. Have not had a problem racing around the cans weekly & some longer weekend races. The installed VHF radio is a great improvement over clipping a handheld to the aft pulpit. I highly recommend it.

Patrick Leonard
J 92 "Rocky"

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, robertpogue

Dec 28, 2022, 11:18:42 AM12/28/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
Congratulations! It's a great boat and perfectly suited for type of racing you mentioned.

We recently replaced the masthead VHF chose a Vesper V1 with AIS. It's hard to overstate how comforting it is to see AIS traffic at night and let any concerned traffic call you by name. Our parts list:
- Vesper V1 with handset (you'll have to mount the GPS antenna on deck or on a Stern pulpit)
- RG8X coaxial cable (run free inside the mast)
- Shakespeare PL-259 gold plated connector x2 (solder and iron are recommended to make this connection bulletproof)
- Vesper VHF-AIS antenna (this is tuned between the VHF and AIS frequency and works adequately for both)
- mounting bracket - we re-used a simple bracket screwed into the mast about a foot below the masthead and it works well.

A little more fuss and cost than a simple VHF installation, but we'll worth the effort in my experience for nearshore overnight races.

J/92 #14 Never Settle

PL-259 Gold Plated Connector

Mark Camilleri

Dec 30, 2022, 12:07:26 PM12/30/22
to j92o...@googlegroups.com
Good afternoon, congratulations on acquiring the boat . I have 1 masthead aerial and a splitter that goes to VHF and GPS. Works well for me without any issues. 


PEP. J92 Malta

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