Anyone using j2objc/jre_emul/JreEmulation.xcodeproj?

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Tom Ball

Jan 23, 2023, 3:20:32 PM1/23/23
to j2objc-discuss
The JreEmulation Xcode project is an iOS app that runs the JRE unit tests, first created in the earliest days of the project. The alternative is to run "make -j8 test", which (among other things) runs those same tests on MacOS. The iOS and MacOS APIs used to be much more different than they are now, so there's little added value between both kinds of test execution. 

Since the Xcode project is hand-maintained, it can get broken whenever new JRE classes or test classes are added. Since we do all iOS testing using our internal build system, we often haven't noticed this breakage for extended periods of time, yet no one files bug reports about it.

So, unless someone objects, I'd like to remove JreEmulation.xcodeproj in the next week or so.
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