Just upgraded to 2.0, having a basic issue

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Jan 29, 2010, 9:30:22 AM1/29/10
to ivysvn
I'm upgrading our build system to ivy 2-1.0 and the latest svn ivy
resolver. Our company uses several repos and I'm pulling down binaries
from the maven and teamcity repo with no problem. However I'm having
problems with the ivy repo.

[ivy:retrieve] module not found: javax.mail#mail;1.3
[ivy:retrieve] ==== ivysvn: tried
[ivy:retrieve] http://subzero/svn-ivyrepo/javax.mail/mail/1.3/ivy.xml
[ivy:retrieve] -- artifact javax.mail#mail;1.3!mail.jar:
[ivy:retrieve] http://subzero/svn-ivyrepo/javax.mail/mail/1.3/mail.jar

We've been using http access with no problem for nearly two years so I
know the svn repo is setup correctly. When I look at the paths to the
artifacts ivy:retrieve is trying they are correct. In fact I can copy/
paste them right into a browser and get to the artifacts. The issue
must be in authentication somewhere.

I.e., http://subzero/svn-ivyrepo/javax.mail/mail/1.3/ivy.xml

exists in the repository and the previous old version of the ivy
resolver had no problem.

Here is the snippet in ivysettings.xml - servers obfuscated.

<svn name="ivysvn" userName="${svn.user.name}" userPassword="$
<ivy pattern="http://ourserver/svn-ivyrepo/[organisation]/
<artifact pattern="http://ourserver/svn-ivyrepo/

Can anyone suggest how to debug?

Thanks in advance - I know I must be missing something.

Mass Dosage

Jan 29, 2010, 9:47:30 AM1/29/10
to ivy...@googlegroups.com, dchur...@gmail.com
Hey Dale,

The patterns shouldn't contain the "http://ourserver" bit, they should
be relative to the repository root, like so:

<svn name="ivysvn" repositoryRoot="http://svn.acme.com/svn"
userName="testuser" userPassword="testpassword"
<ivy pattern="java/repository/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/ivy.xml"/>

Let me know if changing that works for you.


2010/1/29 DaleC <dchur...@gmail.com>:

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