IvySvn 2.0.0 released

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Adrian Woodhead

May 14, 2009, 7:59:10 AM5/14/09
to ivy...@googlegroups.com
I've just release a 2.0.0 version of IvySvn. The only change since the
2.0.0-rc2 release is a fix for this issue:


(log level of some messages).

Thanks to everyone who contributed code, ideas, bug fixes and
suggestions for this release.

There are still a few open IvySvn issues, mainly related to directory
navigation and files/folders ending up in unexpected locations for
certain patterns. I have already started work on a 2.1.0 version which
aims to address those issues by changing how IvySvn deals with paths
relative to the root of an Ivy repository in SVN. So stay tuned for that.

Anyway, 2.0.0 is go, full changelog since the 1.4 release follows.



Release 2.0 2008-05-14
- Added ability to perform binary diffs (based on code and concepts
contributed by Xavier Hanin).
- Publish now results in one/two svn commits per publish call instead
of per file (based on code and
concepts contributed by Stephane Bailliez and subsequent fixes by
- Upgraded to Ivy 2.0.0.
- Upgraded to SVNKit 1.2.2.
- Upgraded to Trilead SSH for Java - Build 213 (SVNKit-1.2-patch).
- Made setting of "repositoryRoot" attribute mandatory. This should be
full path to root of repository - including
protocol - patterns are relative to this.
- Modified attributes set on "svn" element in ivysettings.xml to use
CamelCase, renamed "port" to "sshPort" and
"passphrase" to "sshPassphrase".
- Added a "retrieveRevision" attribute to the "svn" element to specify
SVN revision to be used for retrieve operations.
- When overwriting existing publications, files that are no longer
part of publish are removed from repository (this
can be controlled by the "cleanupPublishFolder" attribute on the
"svn" element.
- Uses proxy settings if specified via Java system properties
(contributed by Steve Brown)
- Fixed SSL authentication by adding a "sslPassphrase" attribute to
the "svn" element (contributed by Adam Stroud)
- Changed loading of Manifest so it should work on earlier versions of
Ant (contributed by jkytomak)
- Values (other than sshPassphrase and userPassword) set on
SvnResolver are trimmed to avoid annoying issues with whitespace.
- "ivy-init" target in "common-targets.xml" sets a property to
prevent itself being called more than once.
- Java 5 source and binary compatibility.

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