Strange tab behavior after large scrollback

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Andrew Athan

Oct 13, 2022, 9:58:09 PM10/13/22
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Please forgive the this (so far) imprecise problem report.

I sometimes end up with terminal sessions that have had a TON of output over a long time (rapid logs flying by). I have set a pretty huge scroll back buffer, which may be a reason for this behavior but...

... if I have a window with a bunch of tabs open, and this large scrollback scenario has occurred, the very rightmost tab on that window will take forever to focus following a mouse click on the tab. Picking up the tab to move it to a different location further to the left becomes a frustrating task, because I have to wait through spinning beach balls etc. This is even after command-K clearing the contents of that tab.

Then, if I close the tab, the next tab that becomes the rightmost tab exhibits the same slowness. In fact, if I command-T to open a new tab, even though that tab has no scrollback contents yet, it will be very slow to take focus or move. If I command-T again, the tab that had been very slow is now the next to last tab in the window.

This formerly slow tab to focus, which is now the second to last tab, is now quick to focus. The new last tab of the window, is slow to focus.

... what can I do to help isolate the problem?

Andrew Athan

Oct 13, 2022, 10:03:16 PM10/13/22
to iterm2-discuss
By the way command-shift-} will switch to that last tab instantly, but clicking on the tab can take seconds ... sometimes 10+
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