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Nuovo OS per Fritz!Box 7590 (a breve gli altri)

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Gabriele - onenet

Dec 2, 2022, 1:02:14 PM12/2/22

è uscito il firmare 7.50 per Fritz!Box 7590 e seguirà per gli altri modelli.

Il riassunto:
"**New features:**

- FRITZ!OS 7.50 - with over 150 new functions and useful improvements
- Mesh Wi-Fi now with dynamic smart repeating for better performance in the
home network
- VPN with WireGuard technology: Simple, fast, and secure connection to the
home network from anywhere
- More convenient telephony: New FRITZ!Fon "Voice" ringtone and block for
unknown callers
- Many interesting new Smart home options: Scenes, routines, and lighting
- The user interface was fine-tuned and rounded out with comprehensive "Help
and Info"
- Many new functions for the MyFRITZ!App and FRITZ!App Smart Home

Queste due voci balzano all'occhio per la telefonia:

**NEW** Call handling allows call blocks and call diversion (e.g. to answering
machine) for callers "not in the telephone book" (telephone book as positive
**NEW** On a SIP DDI line for corporate customers, call diversion settings can
be configured so that the caller number is displayed at the destination
(partial rerouting)

L'elenco delle novità è molto lungo per cui non lo ricopio, potete leggerlo


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