Gravità indotta

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Aug 6, 2021, 11:25:02 AMAug 6

Qualcuno ha mai approfondito questa teoria di A.D.Sakharov del 1967?
Sembra molto interessante.

"Sakharov’s 1967 notion of “induced gravity” is currently enjoying a
significant resurgence. The basic idea, originally presented in a very
brief 3-page paper with a total of 4 formulas, is that gravity is not
“fundamental” in the sense of particle physics. Instead it was argued
that *gravity (general relativity) emerges from quantum field theory* in
roughly the same sense that hydrodynamics or continuum elasticity theory
emerges from molecular physics."

"The important point here is that gravity was never put into the quantum
theory, and gravity was never quantized in any way shape or form.
Nevertheless, classical gravity (meaning the inverse square law implicit
in the Einstein equations and Einstein�€"Hilbert action) automatically
*emerges* in the semiclassical limit. If you couple this with the
observation that the only actual experiments we can (currently) perform
with gravity also inhabit this same semiclassical realm, *is there any
real need to quantize gravity itself?*"

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