Australian Women on MP3

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Mar 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/9/00
Australian Women on MP3
well it was only a few days ago that my good friend/publicist Lady Contessa
posted this NG re Akradia on, and now comes the news that 'Tattoo'
has been included in this week's "Vote for your favorite song of the week"
contest on the Women of page. This means the chance of prizes for
those who vote, although it doesn't mention what the prizes are????? oh well
here is the link

"standing in the desert,
see a snake with jewels for eyes
takes me to place of times,
I just wish it would rain"

"If you're feeling lonely, you can touch the moon,
It will let you be what you want,
It will burn - it will touch your skin "
\\\\\\\\ A K R A D I A //////

Akradia Web Site:

To purchase 'Social Disorder' from Chaos Music:
To vote for 'Swallow' on JJJ net top 50:


Mar 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/9/00

Joseph ha scritto nel messaggio <8a79j3$qa8$>...


Ma non era vietata la bestemmia nei niusgruppi? fiammingo, poi....

Un Pherry bigotto
Psilocibe se

Jan 17, 2015, 12:03:40 AM1/17/15
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