[ENG] 15. "Ballad of the Hanged" (La ballata degli impiccati)

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Riccardo Venturi

Oct 11, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/11/00

(Fatta durante un temporale, in un mezzogiorno buio.)

Ballad of the Hanged
(La Ballata degli Impiccati)

We all did die in anger
Swallowing our last voice,
Kicking out in the wind
We all saw the light fade away.

Our cry flooded the sun,
The air did in us tighten;
Words turned into crystals,
The last curse we did shout.

Before it was all over
The survivors did we remind
That the price was our life
For the evil we did in one hour.

Then we all slipp'd in the chill
Dying in trouble and in distress
And an old prayer did we say,
The prayer of the unpardoned.

He, who laughėd at our defeat,
At our shame, at the way we did die,
May he die by the same rope,
So he will learn how this knot is made.

He, who poured earth on our bones
And untroubled went his way home,
May he be buried with his face contorted
Early in a misty and gloomy morning.

The woman, who disguis'd with her smiles
The embarrassment she felt at our memory,
May she see ev'ry night on her face
The ravages of time passing by.

To ev'rybody do we bear a grudge
That smells of clotted blood,
What we then called pain and sorrow
Is a question left without an answer.


*Riccardo Venturi*
*Er muoz gelīchesame die leiter abewerfen
*So er an īr ūfgestigen ist (Vogelweide)
*Via Garibaldi 41, 57122 Livorno
*0586-885875 / 0340-2461874
*http://utenti tripod.it/Balladven/index.html

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