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Future: Linux will replace Microsoft Windows getting 98% desktop market!

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Christopher L. Estep

Apr 11, 2002, 2:50:03 PM4/11/02
computertechnology wrote:

> Future: Linux will replace Microsoft Windows getting 98% desktop market!
> Linux is promoting brilliant ideas and beautiful innovations:
> * One single MS Windows 2000 server can serve upto 5000 Linux PCs!
> * Linux runs the MS Windows applications by using WinConnect on
> remote MS Windows 2000/XP server. One single MS Windows 2000/XP
> server is very powerful enough to cater to 5000 Linux users.
> See
> * Installing/Upgrading Linux on desktop is less than 5 seconds!
> Please see 'Diskless howto' at
> You will simply pop in "Live Linux" CDROM into the CD drive and
> power on and Linux comes up on desktop! You can upgrade every 2
> months by simply throwing away old CDROM and insert new
> "Live Linux" CDROM, upgrade in just 5 seconds and there is no
> hard disk installation!! Try to upgrade the MS Windows, you
> will spend 4 to 5 hours installing the system and compare that
> with "Live Linux" which takes just 5 seconds to upgrade!

Doubtless true; however, diskless workstations, while very secure, are
invariably *loathed* by most users (they smack too much of the bad old days
of terminals). If you are MIS and pull this off, your users may burn you
in effigy (if you're fortunate; they may just simply burn you
the stake).

> * One large Linux server can cater upto 5000 diskless Linux desktops.

Again, true. However, this should be tried *only* where file security is a
major concern.

> * Alternate option to WinConnect is VNC remote display client,
> for details see 'Diskless howto' at
> * Using WinConnect or VNC you can run all the MS Windows
> applications like MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Excel
> natively but using Linux Desktops. Extra plus is you can run all
> the Linux applications and MS Windows applications from
> Linux Desktop!
> * You may want to kiss and say goodbye to Microsoft on desktop!
> You must also kiss and say goodbye to vast amounts US $$$$$$$s
> which you spent on software licenses from Microsoft. Whatever
> money you spent on MS Windows desktop is gone forever.
> Where do you have so much money to pay Microsoft ??
> * Linux is excellent on servers and is rock solid. You will have
> excellent service from Linux on server side. Linux runs
> email servers, database servers, apache web servers,
> application servers, file servers, print servers, source code
> control CVS servers and the list goes on and on and
> on ...... hundreds and hundreds of them.
> * Linux is a serious competition to Microsoft on desktops and
> servers!

Servers, yes (especially Web and file servers, or any server designed to
run left alone). However, Linux on the desktop (even Mandrake and RH)
still have issues to overcome (chiefly, hardware support and
cross-comaptibility with Windows document formats).

Diskless workstations exist primarily for three reasons: file security,
file security, and file security. Unless this is a major concern, don't
even *think* about asking even tens of existing disked PC/workstation users
to go diskless. (I wouldn't dare, and I run RH 7.2 right now; asking users
to do something I wouldn't is neither very fair, or very ethical.)

Christopher L. Estep

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