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Aug 11, 2002, 11:52:14 PM8/11/02
I'm currently running a webserver which is using host name headers to run
multiple sites on a single ip address/port. I'd like to implement a fault
tolerant system by having a frontend server which fowards requests to one of
about 5 servers which is guaranteed to be working (i.e. I'd run a daemon in
the background which would try to access the servers and remove them from
the list when they became inactive.) I'm having trouble locating software
that will support the host header names I am currently using when fowarding
the request through. The servers are all publicly on the internet so an
internal DNS server for resolving them is probably out of the question.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Frank Thyes

Aug 14, 2002, 6:17:49 PM8/14/02
On Mon, 12 Aug 2002 03:52:14 GMT
"Jacob" <yak2016*no_spam*> wrote:

Hy Jakob,
a good way of is DNS round robbing... Poor mans 'load balancing' :)
Every domain name maps to one or more ip-addresses this will give you
at least a aproximate 50% load-share between two machines, by this
mechanism - not perfect but enough for most uses. With a little shell
script it is more then easy to remove dead servers from the resolver
linrary. Check if your bind versions supports this functionality, i
have done this for a few month but i can't remember the bind version.


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