Merry Christmas! (RS-B9)

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Ramsof staff

Dec 25, 2000, 12:30:52 PM12/25/00
Hi boys!

First of all best wishes of a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you

We couldn't leave you without a little gift, so here's for you a brand-new
RealSpectrum release with a bunch of new features to try during your
holidays! :)

A brief list of what's new on this release:

*** RealSpectrum BETA #9 (v0.75.20) ***

- MB-02+ emulation: probably the most powerful interface built for the
Spectrum! Built-in 512K SRAM, 4 HD/DD floppy drives support, Z80-DMA
chip and real-time clock (RTC). We want it! :)

- Videorecorder: you always wanted to record the best parts of your
demos or games on AVI files, didn't you? Now it's possible and you can
choose your best frame rate configuration with or without sound, screen
resolution, compression efficiency, etc. You can open the VTR windows
with ALT-F11.

- Multiface I and III emulation: now the full brand of Multifaces is
The appropriate model will be chosen by the emulator depending on which
Spectrum is selected.

- Serial ports: RealSpectrum supports bidirectional RS232 communications
through 4 COM ports on your PC and file redirection. Beside the standard
128K and Interface-I serial ports, you can set custom traps for external
I/O routines, allowing many non-standard programs to work properly.

- Pentagon 512K: you can switch memory expansion on/off from the new
model properties panel.

- New hardware properties panel: this new dialog shows additional options
and informations about each Spectrum model or peripheral.

- Archives support: RealSpectrum handles ZIP, ARJ, RAR and ACE
compressed archives automatically. These files are shown (and treated too)
the fileselector as special "ARC" directories.

Also the ITALIAN version of RealSpectrum's manual is now available; you can
download it from RealSpectrum official home page! Thanks to Enrico Maria
Giordano for being so patient to translate all that load of stuff!

Finally here are the usual links:

Official home page:
Italian manual:
New features:

Our e-mail address is and it's there waiting for your
and bug reports!

See you soon!

Luca & Stefano / Ramsoft

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