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Viamichelin Navigation X 950 32

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Lucilla Argenbright

Dec 5, 2023, 1:40:11 AM12/5/23
The original battery only lasts about 2 hours, but of course it could be replaced with one of a higher capacity to easily double the time. Other devices might give more exact results, but keep in mind: It's a cellphone with full navigation on board! No need for thinking about if you will or won't need your GPS - it's there, because you won't leave your cellphone at home, will you?
Viamichelin Navigation X 950 32
Mio P550 is a PDA that runs Windows Mobile 5. It has a built-in GPS module with the SiRFstar III chipset. It´s possible to attach an external antenna. The device also features Bluetooth and WLAN. Car mount is included in the package. The device can be bought with or without included maps and navigation software from MIO. A few of the devices sold before August 2006 had a problem with weak signal level, but the problem has now been acknowledged by Mio. Questions about the device can be asked to user:eriso
A standard car navigation unit driven by SIRFstarIII and WinCE with simple media support and Bluetooth.As delivered the iGo software is completely useless for mapping, since it is not possible to get the GPX files out of the device. However, if you don't mind voiding the warranty, go to _ID=61233&whichpage=1 and learn how to hack it to add that feature (it is quite easy).
Sold at ALDI-Nord as Medion MD 96310 (E3210), navigation system. Software supports tracking, but this function is disabled by default. If a folder named "Tracks" is created, the device logs all tracks there. This folder can be located either on internal flash disk (in folder "\My Flash Disk") or on optional SD-Card (in folder "\Storage Card"). The internal flash disk has very limited free space, the SD-Card can at least be up to 2 GiB in size. Tracks are stored in *.trk format, which can easily be converted to *.gpx with GOPALnachGPX([6]). Data transfer via USB and Active Sync (works fine with Windows 2000 and XP). As this device is a navigation system there aren't any controls for GPS, although some people created alternative skins which give more control. Tracking runs always in background if the navigation is running, in card view mode as well as in navigation mode. The recorded track contains the real positional data, not aligned to any street data.
Sold at ALDI-South as Medion MD 96860 (E3212), navigation system. Software supports tracking out of the box. The recorded track contains the real positional data, not aligned to any street data. To turn tracking on, do this:
The software is able to store the NMEA logs parallel to normal card view, but also in navigation mode. It is the real GPS position stored and not the displayed one!! The software tries to position the arrow always on the nearest street.
Car navigation system. To take track logs, go to Setup -> Guidance tab. Under Route Recording click Start, then enter file name etc. The *.gps log file is an NMEA file which can be converted to GPX format using GPSBabel
It has only 2 buttons for operation: an On/Off/Escape button and a joystick-like button for menu navigation. The joystick can be operated, albeit a bit clumsily, while wearing thin gloves and riding a bicycle. Not sure if it would be possible while wearing very thick gloves (eg ski-gloves).
Video-screen from unlocked navigation device (GoClever 5066) - only for sample. You can use any software, language & alternative menu (click for download, 4,44MB, RAR, AVI, 8min)
Update navigation software on any devices (PNA, PDA, iPhones, Symbian & other GSM phones) & navigation maps, update firmware, restore devices, professional consultation
GPS-service for unlocking autonavigation (PNA) / Unlocking-service (PNA, PDA, GSM, iPhone, PSP, etc.)
Release the navigation from factory blocking and will get full access to functions of the device! You will unblock the navigator once - you use all life!
Thanks to our service you can independently unblock phone, automobile navigating system (PNA), establish on the pocket computer (PDA), iPhone with function GPS last versions of programs and a navigation maps! For this purpose it is necessary for you to inform only model of the device and we will send you archive with the program for your device, having started which, you receive completely the functional device without any restrictions established by the developer of your device - you have an opportunity to use not only the preestablished out-of-date software and cards, and the newest, can independently update in the future them not paying repeatedly to anybody for their updating! The program of an unblocking will not demand from you any special knowledge - to copy it on your card or simply having connected through an USB-cable your navigating device to the personal computer enough. Our programs are supplied by the most detailed illustrated instructions, therefore problems with an unblocking do not arise - in any case we will be glad to render you free consultations on a correct unblocking of your device.
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