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I’m offering a nice antenna to a good home, free to an Issaquah member: a TET HB35C triband 10-15-20 three element beam. It looks like it has five elements but it only uses 3 at a time. It’s on the ground and ready to go. See my photo attached of it in my back yard.

This is an advanced tri-band phase-tuned mostly-trapless yagi. Read the breathless marketing claims here: https://qrznow.com/5-element-tri-bander-hb35c-tet-emtron/ It came from a Silent Key estate (Jack Dalton W7EY) and I don’t think I’ll ever install it here in Lake Forest Park, so someone here should get some good use from it.

The advantage of the TET design is that it uses a separate driven element for each band, which permits proper length and spacing for flat VSWR characteristics across a wide frequency range for every band.

About the antenna:

  • Made by TET (Taniguchi Engineering Traders) very similar to model HB35c
  • http://www.scribd.com/doc/24284076/Tet-Antennas
  • 5-elements (three of these elements are driven in parallel, resulting in physical size and gain similar to a good 3-element beam)
  • Approximate Element length 10.6m, Boom length 5m, Turning radius 6m
  • Approximate Wind surface area is 1.04m2, Weight 22.6kg
  • Light weight self-supporting aluminum:
    • Boom length 16’ 6”
    • Reflector length 27’
    • Director length 23’ 4”
    • Longest of three driven elements 34’ 2”

This tri-bander is in fair condition and was working well when taken out of service. We believe that it’s 25 years old. 

We checked that all parts are present and they have tape marks and set-screw marks to aid reassembly. The previous owner applied high-quality grease to all joints and it’s still easy to assemble to this day. You‘ll  want to replace the U-bolts and a few rusty bits, clean the connections and replace two missing end caps.

The antenna is only partially disassembled to make your re-installation as easy as possible. That is, the boom sections still have the inner sections of the driven elements (the outer tapered sections were removed), resulting in a footprint of about 5’ x 16’ in its current state for transportation.

Photo or personal viewing at my place if you want. 

I’ll wait a few days for replies before choosing someone.

Get it now and put it up in January! Everyone knows that antennas assembled in the worst weather will gain at least 3 dB gain.

73 Barry K7BWH


2022-06-06 TET triband img1222.jpg
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