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Mihai (W4MHI)

Dec 20, 2022, 11:43:43 AM12/20/22
to Issaquah Amateur Radio Club
Hi everyone!
This is (again) time of the year to ask for subjects for next year.
I have on my plate: balun:unun, antenna construction (70 cm) for QRP - this might be a making shop in the summer, non-HAM solution for emergency workers.
If you are interested I can come with Fox Hunting :) and we can make this event for IARC in a park as I have 3 foxes and a receiver given to me by a Romanian Champion! We can have fun!

We can bring also the batteries, debugging why they don't work or how they work, tests on HAM radios, like a working shop when we meet in person. I have many types of batteries, we can experiment and make it fun.
I am working to have some external contributors, but that's a long shot.

With all above I can cover 3-4 months. With another 2-3 round tables we have covered 6 months of HAM Club activities.

What else? Anyone volunteering for presentation?

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays for all!

Mihai (W4MHI)

John MacDuff

Dec 20, 2022, 4:13:17 PM12/20/22
to issaqu...@googlegroups.com
   I have made good use of list of programs maintained by Lynn N7CFO. There are some good ones on DRM and D-Star, as well as WinLink and some antenna programs. Also, take a look at what John Portune W6NBC offers on his web site w6nbc.com. He is the fellow who has done all the work with slot antennas and expanded that knowledge into Skeleton Vertical antennas on the HF bands. The BEARS have had him present on Zoom a couple of times last year. 

Take care,

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Gerard Hickey

Dec 23, 2022, 1:01:09 PM12/23/22
to issaqu...@googlegroups.com

I can contribute to the presentation pool with the following :-)

  • Preparing for the hurricane: Securing your antennas
  • Loading up and tuning an alligator for HF transmissions
  • Fox hunting in the Florida Everglades -- i.e. when the transmitter sinks into the swamp
  • Struggling to get the HF signal over the 3 foot hill

Been in the house now for a week and I have not yet been on the air yet. Everything is just such a mess right now and it feels like it is going to be months before I have time to unpack radios and get setup.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone up there in Issaquah. I won't bother telling you what the temperature is down here and we don't have any of that white stuff down here either.


Gerard Hickey / WTØF           IRLP:3067/Echolink:529661
hic...@kinetic-compute.com     DMR: 3102272
425-395-4554                   Allstar: 531920

Bob Otis

Dec 23, 2022, 1:57:53 PM12/23/22
to issaqu...@googlegroups.com

Merry Christmas, Gerard, from frozen Issaquah, but only for a few more hours.


Good luck with moving in.  Maybe Santa’s elves will help, but it will like be a big job.  Stay in touch and all the best in your new home.


73, Bob 

Rod Johnson

Dec 23, 2022, 4:25:33 PM12/23/22
to issaqu...@googlegroups.com
  I am not at all jealous of your having to unbox and organize everything.
I am a bit jealous of your weather, even if it might get down to 40 degrees this week.
  I just finished uncovering our car from a 3/8" thick sheet of ice.  From the inside, looking out, it was like trying to look through bathroom window privacy glass.
  We have been in the middle teens to mid twenties for several nights, but expecting things to warm up into the high 40's next week.
  Do Florida Christmas trees drop coconuts, or just Iguanas?
Merry Christmas.


Gerard Hickey

Dec 25, 2022, 10:50:54 AM12/25/22
to issaqu...@googlegroups.com

Yes, I have been seeing a few of the reports from Seattle. You guys are getting hit pretty well. Stay in and stay warm! And above all stay safe.

Mornings have been cold here--especially yesterday morning--but once the sun comes up things warm up pretty well. I guess this is the global warming that they keep talking about :-)

I can't tell you what the trees down here drop. At least not yet. I do have a bunch of trees down around the property and another couple that will come down in a good storm. Maybe too many Iguanas in the trees?

Well a very Merry Christmas to everyone up there and I will try to keep sending warmer weather your way.

Gerard Hickey / WTØF           IRLP:3067/Echolink:529661
hic...@kinetic-compute.com     DMR: 3102272
425-395-4554                   Allstar: 531920
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