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Joe Decuir

May 23, 2022, 11:49:53 PMMay 23
to Bob Otis, Lara F.,, Mihai Manolache, Gerard Hickey (kinetic-compute), Tom Needham (aol), Daniel Stevens,, Lee Shin

We who did all the work find the first response distressing.  Bob’s response is encouraging.

Of course, the IARC board, and the Citizen Corps, need to learn what worked and didn’t work, and do better.


As is, I was exposed to covid by my infant granddaughter, and spent May 1-12 in quarantine = not at home.

Because I was not at home, I did not print up a sheet inviting IARC membership.  Missed opportunity.


We were shorthanded!

The ONLY members of IARC who showed up were Bob and Gerard, on the first morning.

The only VEs (volunteer examiners) were Dan, Dick and myself.  Usually: twice as many.

No other help from IARC: set up, wrangling test papers, cleanup.

Dan and I bought all the food and coffee.


We were lucky before 2020, because the Issaquah police dept let us use the Eagle Room.

They have turned that into walk-in offices.  The Public Works site can only hold smaller classes.

Perhaps the Senior Center will get freed up if the karate school outgrows the facility.


I am committed to educating the public on amateur radio.

If IARC looses interest, I will join Dan’s HAM training team at other sites.

Lee Shin in the City is still interested in HAM training, but not in the Community Center.

(why: rigid scheduling requirements)


Will the IARC board respond before the next meeting?

If not, I propose that we discuss it on June 1st.


Joe Decuir, KF7BMD

Issaquah Amateur Radio Club,

Issaquah CERT 0015, Zone 14



M: 425-985-1562


From: Bob Otis <>
Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2022 12:15 PM
To: 'Lara F.' <>
Cc: 'Mihai Manolache' <>; Gerard Hickey (kinetic-compute) <>; Joe Decuir (gmail) <>; Tom Needham (aol) <>
Subject: RE: Radio class


Just thinking out loud, but there might be an effective way to incorporate the Technician course with GOA.  There are all kinds of options, some of which might involve SnoVARC, so perhaps a brainstorm session might help.  Likewise, the idea of a three-day Technician course didn’t feel right.



From: Lara F. <>
Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2022 7:29 AM
To: Joe Decuir <>;; 'Mihai Manolache' <>; 'Lee Shin' <>; 'Don Stewart' <>; 'Joe Stacy' <>
Cc: 'Daniel Stevens' <>
Subject: RE: Radio class



In light of recent events, the board will be discussing the club's involvement in sponsoring ham classes.

We will get back to you with an answer shortly.





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From: Joe Decuir <>

Date: 5/22/22 6:39 AM (GMT-08:00)

To:, "'Lara F.'" <>, 'Mihai Manolache' <>, 'Lee Shin' <>

Cc: 'Daniel Stevens' <>

Subject: FW: Radio class


This is Dan’s opinion of the class.


I don’t know if and where we would site a 3 day class, but I did teach this myself the previous two weekends, and it felt like some of it was rushed.  Yes, I spoke 6 hours on the 7th, and on the 14th.

Should this be an evening class first, in shorter but more frequent sessions, followed by a test?


We need to decide how to conduct the next classes successfully, and without annoying our hosts.


Joe Decuir, KF7BMD

Issaquah Amateur Radio Club,

Issaquah CERT 0015, Zone 14



M: 425-985-1562




From: Daniel Stevens <>
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2022 11:25 PM
Subject: Radio class


There is 14 hours of teaching in the Technician class. This should have been a 3 day class.  1 hour set up, 6 hours of teaching and one hour of tear down for the first two days.  (12 hours if teaching). The third day would be one hour of set up, two hours of teaching, one hour of transfer to testing, three hours of test and one hour of tear down.

Thank you for helping

Daniel Stevens KL7WM
Training Coordinator
206 228 9274

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