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Rod Johnson

Nov 14, 2021, 3:00:23 PM11/14/21
IARC members,
  I have access to a private meeting room in our neighborhood, at the Mirrormont Country Club ( several miles south of town ).
 It has a kitchen and bathrooms etc. and seats 50 to 70  people with no problem.  Adequate space for a group of our size should present no problem for social distancing.  There is also a small covered outdoor patio space if anybody needs to step outside.
  There is a WiFi connection, a projector, and a screen.
  It is currently not reserved for the Wednesday December 1 date ( the normal date for our December meeitn) .  The is a small charge, a maximum of $50 but could be less, for the day/evening reservation.
  The use of masks may be requested, or may be required, depending upon current local requirements.
  If this sounds like an idea worth pursuing, for n informal gathering/meeting let me know. 
We could also possible arrange an ice cream delivery of some sort.  White elephant gift exchange???
  The down side issues.., the distance from downtown Issaquah may bot be convenient for all, and the fact that if it is a very cold evening, heating of the space can be marginal. There is a furnace, but due to the age and design of the building, size of the room, and the large amount of windows., it does not heat the space very well in cold weather. ( light jackets are usually adequate)  There is also a large fireplace, so a donation of some firewood could conceivably put that to use.
  Rod Johnson

Jim Horn

Nov 16, 2021, 4:51:16 AM11/16/21
Sounds OK until we come up with a better plan.

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Rod Johnson

Nov 24, 2021, 4:43:21 PM11/24/21
IARC members,
   There has been next to no interest in the possibility of having a 'gathering' as I proposed for the December 1 meeting, so the space has not been reserved.
  I would consider hosting a 'chat, show and tell' gathering in that space at some later date, if there is sufficient interest.
  Rod Johnson

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