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Lara F.

Sep 27, 2021, 10:18:26 AM9/27/21

Good morning,

If anyone has questions for our presentation next week on VARA, please send them my way and I will get them to our guest speaker.

Thank you.




John MacDuff

Sep 28, 2021, 11:58:37 PM9/28/21
to Iarc Group
Hopefully his presentation will discuss the differences between VARA and ARDOP and the advantages of VARA.


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Joe Decuir

Sep 29, 2021, 2:18:36 AM9/29/21

I have joined a group of Hams, mostly based in SE US (IEEE Region 3) who support a MOVE Truck.

This truck provide power and satellite-based internet access for the Red Cross in emergency situations.

Given the hurricanes there, you can imagine some of these MOVE trucks are very busy.


Were I am leading: the Hams are promoting digital modes, perhaps like VARA.

They think the sweat spot is digital modes, over HF, 100-300 mile range.

E.g.  from the emergency location to places outside the emergency.

These digital modes might have better bandwidth, and scale better, than satellite networks.


I have an InReach digital-only satellite phone, with small batteries and PV panels.

VARA could be very useful if it provides another way to the internet in emergency situations.

Can I get working on HF, via a computer, IC-7300, the portable HF antenna and a 500 WHr 12v battery?


I have to read the VARA web site so I can ask useful questions.


Joe Decuir, KF7BMD

Issaquah Amateur Radio Club,

Issaquah CERT 0015, Zone 14



M: 425-985-1562

Bob Otis

Sep 29, 2021, 10:57:30 AM9/29/21

Joe, I have the same question on Vara and the long range calls.  Keep in mind that there is Vara and Vara FM.  Vara is for HF.  Thus, the advantage of Vara is that you can send an email to a gateway that is fully functional and unaffected by the disaster.  There are a lot of these gateways ranging from eastern Oregon to Utah (800 miles or so).  John, KA7TTY, has successfully sent a Vara message through Bend, OR, so it is definitely doable.


Both Vara and Vara FM are easily downloaded and installed.  My 7100 and your 7300 have soundcards, so all you need are the codecs which can be downloaded and installed from Icom.  Then all you need is an antenna, which you have, but I as struggling with at the moment.  This should be a good question for Paul, W7PFB, but it may take a foray to Nike park to see if it actually works.


73, Bob


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