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Jul 3, 2011, 1:40:59 PM7/3/11
to iSRS Support
I noticed that the program sometimes insists on repeating a 0 or 1
card (especially when demoted from a previous attempts of 3 or 4) and
keep repeating it until you give it a 2 or higher ( although you only
sow it one moment ago) this seems like an incorrect input to the
program: what is the use from giving a card a value of 2 higher when I
really only know it at a level 0 or 1???  

I am no programmer, but shouldn't the program give me a couple of more
cards before repeating that 0 or 1 card??

[note that the above happened when I was learning "ahead of schedule"
with zero "not memorized" cards; in the setting, i put "5" as the
number of "0 cards in hand"]


Jul 7, 2011, 12:27:09 AM7/7/11
to iSRS Support
The "learning ahead of schedule" feature was implemented in attempt to
mimic Mnemosyne's feature -- I will look into this further if it
doesn't match the behaviour exactly.

It's not a feature I recommend using -- I feel it skews the learning
processes and pushes the cards further back. Essentially you're
skipping ahead to the next day's scheduled cards, and then the next
day etc.

If you want to go through your cards without affecting card
statistics, it's better to use review mode.
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