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Ann Lorraine Pasion

Apr 13, 2012, 12:41:43 AM4/13/12
to iSRS Support
So I bought the full version of iSRS and I'm still having an issue
with the images that come with the cards I made in Mnemosyne. They
still show up as <img src=

I've even synced the images required for it to show up on iSRS app. A
step by step procedure on what to do next so I know what I'm doing
wrong would help loads. Thank you!


Apr 13, 2012, 1:03:36 AM4/13/12
to iSRS Support
Currently on the iPhone version of iSRS, images and sounds will only
appear in fullscreen mode (although this will likely change for the
upcoming version).

To switch to fullscreen portrait mode, shake your device or double tap
the "iSRS" navigation bar. To switch to fullscreen landscape mode,
simply turn your device into landscape orientation.

Best Regards,
iSRS Support

On Apr 13, 12:41 am, Ann Lorraine Pasion <>


Apr 27, 2012, 9:46:07 PM4/27/12
to iSRS Support
I'm not sure that that's exactly the problem.

Currently it's not possible to import images into the images folder
using itunes file sharing (to apps), at least not on my computer with
my copy of iTunes.

Basically, when I drag and drop files into the iSRS folder, they'll
only go into the root folder, not into the images folder. I also tried
deleting the images folder and dragging a folder called "Images",
which contained the required image, into iSRS on iTunes. Didn't work,
can't copy folders.

In short, adding images is broken because iTunes won't let you
manipulate the folder structure of apps.

Anyone else getting this?


Apr 27, 2012, 9:47:58 PM4/27/12
to iSRS Support


Apr 27, 2012, 9:51:34 PM4/27/12
to iSRS Support
Yup, confirmed elsewhere too. Basically, your method of adding images
into iSRS is broken because users can't copy folders, or copy files
into folders.

I'm surprised you guys didn't notice this already.

But also, if you've created your cards on Mnemosyne for desktop, then
the pointers will be towards files that are on the users desktop
computer. Not

On Apr 28, 11:47 am, Ian <> wrote:
> See:


Apr 27, 2012, 10:37:32 PM4/27/12
to iSRS Support
For the next version of iSRS, the Images and Sounds folders have been
removed and you will be able to upload images and sounds into the same
folder as your databases due to the inability to navigate folders in
iTunes File Sharing. In the meantime, you can use iSRS Sync to
transfer your images into the Images folder.

Also, note that iSRS will automatically translate the path of images
and sounds for you to point to the correct location on your iOS device
while preserving the original desktop path, allowing you to review on
both your computer and iSRS without worrying about it.

Best Regards,
iSRS Support

Scott Scott

May 8, 2012, 9:45:13 PM5/8/12
to iSRS Support
I bought the app for the iPhone as well. I am having problems with my
repetition count. When I add more cards to a deck(via PC Mnemsoyne)
and transfer them to my iPhone I get the cards but all of my
repetitions counts are from my PC Mnemsoyne. Is there a way I can
transfer the cards without the repetition count?
Also I can not make cards on my iPhone and transfer them to my
computer becuase everytime I do this the application crashes. I can
only transfer from PC to iPhone but not iPhone to PC. Any pointers?
I see there is some talk for an upcoming update. When will it come out
and will it address any of these transfer issues?
Anyways the app is amazing minus these problems, please keep up the
hard work.
Thank you


May 8, 2012, 11:58:23 PM5/8/12
to iSRS Support
If you mean you want to reset all the card statistics for a database,
you could use Mnemosyne to export the database and select "Reset
learning data on export" and import it back as a .mem file and then
transfer to iSRS.

If you mean resetting just the repetitions count, currently there's no
way to do that. iSRS was written as a companion tool to Mnemosyne 1.2
to allow you to study the same .mem database on your iDevice and then
transfer back to your PC, so it is assumed you want to preserve all
your stats.

A few users have reported issues with iSRS Sync and crashes -- for now
I recommend manually copying .mem files to and from iSRS with the
iTunes File Sharing ( feature until
the next version is released. The next version contains many changes
under the hood and will address the synchronization issues. I can't
give an exact ETA, but hopefully in the very near future :).

Best Regards,
iSRS Support

Scott Scott

May 10, 2012, 9:47:29 AM5/10/12
to iSRS Support
Thank you so much for the response!
I use my iphone more so than the PC when I study.(I live in Japan so
have lots of free time on the trains, my #1 used app!) Best case
scenario would be both PC and iPhone repetitions counts wound be on
the same page automatically but I assume they only update each other
when you sync them.

Basically I make my cards on the PC(Do not study them much) and then I
upload them to my iPhone. The repetition count from my PC is uploaded
as well, essentially resetting(Because on the PC I do not study them
much) the repetition count on all my cards on the iPhone. Since I use
my iPhone much more I would like to keep my iPhone count.

Anyways I will try to sync manually as you just explained. Again your
response is greatly appreciated!

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