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Call for Bezeq anti-monopol lobi

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Oct 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/16/96

The story below describes just my latest incident with Nezeq (read:
Bezeq). I'm sure many of you had much worse incindents with that
monopolistic company.

Recently, there been talks about breaking Bezeq's monopol till 2005, but
naturally, Bezeq's workers started fighting against it.

We suffer too much from Bezeq's monopol:

we get bad customer service, without caring too much about fixing
problems in case of malfunction or dead lines.

Bezeq's prices are very high prices, in comperision to other advanced

If anyone of you had suffered from bad service of Bezeq and want to join
the effort, or heard about anyone that suffered from bad service from
Bezeq, please email me, at:


Did any of you lately suffered from bad service from bezeq?
I lately found myself without line for over 24-hours,without being able
to recieve calls, to get email ... and no-one at 166 seem to care about
And I'm not talking about some problem that was extremely hard to fix.
It was due to works initiated by Nezeq, that should have been done in no
more than several hours.

Apparently, Nezeq aren't to eager to help their customers. After their
work hours, at about 16:00, there is no longer any technician, and no
one really cares if you can't call anyone, and nobody can call you, even
if you're an old man with heart problems that needs the phone to call in
case of an emergency ... They're a monopol, so why should they care from
the customer?
No one even bothered to inform as they're going to do some works and
leave us without phone ...

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