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Jan 27, 2010, 5:55:11 AM1/27/10
to ISP Configuration Database

I'm interested in setting up method 2 (xml configuration file directly
hosted on domain) for the users in my company, but as far as I know
it's not implemented yet.

I'm not sure which source is the most up to date regarding this
method. Is it still planned for implementation (minor release, 3.1,
3.2 ?) or is it more likely ISPDB (with or without DNS SRV records)
will stay the recommended method ?

Considering the number of users I deal with I'm a bit reluctant to
submit it to ISPDB (don't want to "pollute" it with such a low
priority/traffic domain). Do you have any advice regarding the best
way to proceed / wait for an alternative solution (The installer
customization is not really an options for us) ?




Feb 3, 2010, 2:36:27 AM2/3/10
to ISP Configuration Database
can somebody give some more information about this question?

I'm managing the e-mail of the University Jaume I from Spain, and
we're really interested on the auto-configuration process, but we have
some problems.

First of all, seems that the method 2 (SRV records on domain and XML
hosted locally) is not implemented yet. This would be a great
solution, because we could manage our different configurations by

We have tried too registering our domain into the ISPDB database, but
our configuration is "PENDING REVIEW" and never get published.
Furthermore, if we try to access the XML based configuration, it
raises an "500 Internal Server Error":

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