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Hi All,
From all accounts the supermarket sweep that took place in London on the 15th of May was a success. The message was driven home to Sainsburys, and clearly the response from security on the day showed that this branch of Sainsburys is aware of this kind of action and know they have to prepare for them. This means that they don’t take our protests lightly, and understand them to be a real issue that they must handle.
A report from the day and a video can be found at http://www.ism-london.org.uk/1643
Beyond this, the movement and pressure being placed upon supermarkets up and down the country is certainly growing.
In Cambridge on the 15th May, 12 members of Cambridge PSC and Stop the War entered a massive Tescos superstore and did their very own sweep. They lasted a good ten minutes taking over the fruit and vegetable section, did a tour of the store handing out leaflets and informing customers of what they were doing, left on their own terms and carried on singing and chanting outside.
In Sheffiled, on the 8th May, activists did their very own sweep on a Morrisons, which saw the management engage in a lengthy discussion regarding the issues and the police be engaged with what the demonstrators were trying to do.
Lemington Spa did an action on the 15th May: We had a demo outside Tesco Metro in Leamington Spa on 15 May. We wore green and white tee shirts and asked people not to buy Israeli produce, and suggested alternatives. We also got them to sign a letter to the store manager asking him not to stock Israeli goods in future. In fact there isn't a lot of Israeli produce in Tesco at the moment but people we talked to were largely sympathetic. 'Gaza' still rings some bells. We shall continue this campaign (extending it to other supermarkets in the area) at the Leamington Peace Festival (19/20 June). We got some coverage in the local press and photos are available.
Catherine Hoskyns
Hopefully the message will be going out that Israeli and Settlement products will not be tolerated and that the BDS movement is growing.
Awesome stuff!

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