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Paul Sutherland

May 1, 2023, 7:22:36 AM5/1/23
I am not sure where to ask questions about the sandbox. But here may be a good start

I am a moderately non tech person, but an Islandora user who wants to make our instance better by understanding more about how it things evolve.

-Is there a slack channel maybe for people like me t ask naive questions2

Anyway 2 questions for starters
1.   What time does the sandbox get rebuilt - NZST prefereded - but I can convert from say EST...

2. Why do some Open Seadragon Pages show multiple viewports. e.g



Willow Gillingham

May 3, 2023, 2:30:07 PM5/3/23
to islandora
Here is the link to join the Slack: -- there are several channels and for a question like this, it makes sense to post to #support.

1. the builds happen at midnight (not sure exactly which GMT)
2. There has been a core drupal issue related to the jquery once() method which may or may not address this when it is merged - there is a related Islandora issue which has a way to make it only show one viewer but it is not merged because this is not the "right way to fix it".


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