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Happy Holidays to all Melville enthusiasts!

I’ll bet most of you are having a better holiday than those who were aboard the Pequod one hundred and seventy years ago.

Mr. Melville reports their holiday experiences thus:

December 17 1839
The Gam defined astronomical window opens

Saturday December 21 or Sunday December 22 1839
Chapter 130 The Hat

Wednesday December 25 1839
Chapter 131 The Pequod Meets the Delight

Wednesday January 1 1840
Chapter 132 The Symphony

Thursday January 2 1840
Chapter 133 The Chase – First Day

Friday January 3 1840
Chapter 134 The Chase – Second Day

Saturday January 4 1840
Chapter 135 The Chase – Third Day
Also includes most of the Epilogue

Sunday January 5 1840
The Gam defined astronomical window closes

Monday January 6 1840
Last two sentences of the Epilogue
Note: January 6th is the traditional date of the Epiphany

More to come in two weeks.


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