isapi_wsgi PEP 3333 Compatiability

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Mark Rees

Jan 12, 2011, 6:52:38 PM1/12/11
Today PEP 3333 ( was accepted. This is an updated version of PEP 333, modified slightly to improve usability under Python 3, and to incorporate several long-standing de-facto amendments to the WSGI protocol. Since isapi_wsgi is PEP 333 compatible under Python 2.x we are in theory compliant with PEP 3333. But when running with Python 3.x, isapi_wsgi must follow the new rules outlined in and Jason Coombs provided some support for Python 3K back in revision 81 based on the thinking at the time about how WSGI should support Py3k. I am interested in feedback on if we meet the new PEP 3333 requirements with our current implementation and if not how should we best handle it.


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