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Feb 18, 2010, 1:21:24 PM2/18/10
to isapi_wsgi-dev
Hello all,

I've installed v0.4.1 to play with a IIS 6 + Python 2.6.4 + MoinMoin
1.9 stack.
I've setup a 2 wiki farm and installed the web site as a https:// one.
Most pages worked but sometimes the redirection was to http:// instead
of https://. In addition all generated URLs by the email nortification
system, etc. started with http://
After digging up a little bit into MoinMoin's code, I saw MoinMoin
always get http:// because of the wsgi.url_scheme variable not being
set upon the real protocol used and the getQualifiedURL aka "construct
a full non relative URL" was following the GIGO principle.
I checked IIS Variables' page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms524602.aspx
to see how to get the HTTPS yes/no info properly, which happens to
be... HTTPS=on or not

Can anybody tell me if I missed some setting in ISAPI-WSGI or if
there's a better way to set the https info thru the whole stack IIS -
> ISAPI-WSGI -> WSGI than this patch adding HTTPS to the variables'
list being tried by ISAPI-WSGI?

Index: isapi_wsgi.py
--- isapi_wsgi.py (revision 138)
+++ isapi_wsgi.py (working copy)
@@ -418,6 +418,8 @@
# Other useful CGI variables
environ['REMOTE_USER'] = ecb_dict['REMOTE_USER']
+ # DJ - is https used?
+ environ['HTTPS'] = ecb_dict['HTTPS']
except KeyError:

I've tested the hack with the wsgi_test script displaying all
variables known to the environment and the wsgi.url_scheme is now
correctly set, but it sounds strange to me than nobody did run into
this issue as https is quite common.


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