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Dimitri Janczak

Jul 20, 2010, 2:56:00 PM7/20/10
On 20/07/2010 06:22, wrote:


    Dave Marble <> Jul 19 02:13PM -0700 ^
    Hi there,
    I was excited to find isapi-wsgi and am trying to get a demo to run
    without success.
    Windows 2003 Server (32-bit)
    IIS 6
    Activestate Python 2.6.5 (x86 32-bit build, which comes with PyWin32)
    I installed the win32 binary distribution of isapi-wsgi 0.4.2. I
    created a new site in IIS called "Test" listening on all unassigned IP
    addresses (the default setting) and set the home directory to c:
    \inetpub\wwwroot\test. I put a quick index.htm there to test it and
    it serves fine. I then put (http:// in that directory, renamed it to, and
    ran "python --server=Test". The command completed
    successfully, _test.dll was generated in the directory and shows up as
    an allowed extension, and also as a wildcard application mapping under
    the new website properties -> Home Directory -> Configuration. I did
    an iisreset for good measure, opened a local browser, browsed to
    http://localhost and it just hangs indefinitely.
    To try a previous poster's suggestion, I ran "python remove",
    iisreset, deleted, then tried "python --
    server=87257621" [this is the Identifier for my new website "Test"
    which can be found if you click on "Web Sites" at the root of all your
    sites]. Same result as above.
    Any ideas? Would love to get this running so I can serve some django
    apps for work on our co-located IIS box.

Which account do your Application Pool  use? It needs to be able to execute the dll you created
Not doing any self-advertising but look at:
under "Install the loader for the MoinMoin WSGI Application" and adapt to the Django case.

BTW, the ISAPI-WSGI installer do not exist for the 64-bit platform. Is there any chance we get one someday? I have no time yet to finish my MoinMoin configuration for Windows 2008R2 but someday...


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