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Stefano Maestri

Apr 22, 2016, 3:03:59 AM4/22/16
to IronJacamar Developers
Hi guys,

I've completed 

here you have the commit

I've injected BootstrapContyextCoordinator and WorkmanagerCoordinator in other beans (deployers) and so those 2 Coordinators isn't singleton per JVM anymore. It would make a bit easier to run parallel instances of our embedded and in general give more flexibility in configuring our environment.

I've also added 2 different tests, one verifying BC instances and internal settings are ok (using default  BC) and one setting up a Custom BC and WorkManager.
Note both tests are using test.rar w/ few hacking in implementation to get BC and WM references and making tests easier to write and read/understand. Of course we should clearly document test.rar is just for test purpose and users should not consider it as an example. We should instead focus to keep wm.rar and txlog.rar as much clean as possible giving users a good example of rar implementation.

Now I'll focus on writing tests for Distributed Work Manager, trying to use our embedded and run multiple instances of it.

As usual any comment or feedback are more than welcome


Stefano Maestri

Apr 22, 2016, 3:07:11 AM4/22/16
to IronJacamar Developers
This is the issue link for DWM tests


Tom Jenkinson

Apr 22, 2016, 6:30:01 AM4/22/16
to Stefano Maestri, IronJacamar Developers
Looks good. Is there some documentation for this and how it would affect users? I can see there is some concept that you can bind resource adapters to different bootstrap contexts - is that in the IJ2 docs and is it still via ironjacamar.xml?

Was there ever a consideration of moving to AutoCloseable instead of the proprietary shutdown() method you have used? I guess the context usually lives a lot longer than autocloseable would be useful for.

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