iRefIndex data in PSI-MITAB 2.6 format

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Oct 14, 2010, 9:02:22 AM10/14/10
to irefindex
Dear iRefindex users,
Today we release the iRefIndex version 7.0 in PSI-MITAB format
2.6. This format will replace version 2.5 in future releases. This
format is based on recent changes agreed upon by the PSI-MI working
group in Turku, Finland 2009.

For details of the file format please refer :

These files contains more information in additional columns (54
columns in total) .
Columns 1-36 are part of the new PSI-MITAB 2.6 format. Additional
columns are added by iRefIndex to track provenance of the original
data and record how the iRefIndex procedure consolidated data.

Each line in this file represents a single source database record
that supports either:

1. an interaction between two proteins (binary interaction) or
2. the membership of a protein in some complex (complex membership)
3. an interaction that involves only one protein type (multimer or

Multiple lines may present information that support some kind of
interaction between the same set of proteins. These related lines may
be grouped together using the key provided in column 35.

Good luck and thanks

Ian & Sabry
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