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Alex Skeels

Apr 10, 2023, 11:57:03 PMApr 10
Hi there Minh and IQ-Tree users,

I'm running a IQ-Tree analysis on a concatenated set of 49 loci using the -p argument (bin\iqtree2 -p TrimmedAlignments --prefix concat_Manual -B 1000 -T Auto). I am repeatedly getting a similar error after the ML distances are calculated:

WARNING: Some pairwise ML distances are too long (saturated)
ERROR: Cannot write to file concat_ManualS_eMtitcirnogs euqp. maludxiisltiary I and S matrices: done in 0.0058017 secs using 9695% CPU

From reading some similar user comments, I'm guessing this is a system thing rather than an IQ-Tree thing, but any ideas on how to avoid this error? Have other users managed to do this in the past? 

I have managed to run the analysis on one folder of alignments but two other folders (with different alignments of the same loci) seem to return this kind of error consistently when concatenating, but works fine when running seperate gene trees using -S.

Thanks for any help you can offer!!

All the best,

Alex Skeels
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