BUG: error using -wpl option

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Marialejandra Castro Farias

May 19, 2023, 7:33:21 PMMay 19
Hello! I am trying to use the function -wpl, following the steps at the IQtree 2 workshop Tutorial (Woods Hole 2022) to determine the most influential genes in my data set. But, for some reason is not working. 

I am running IQtree2 in UBUNTU 22.04.2 LTS. 
This is the command line: 
iqtree -s ../FASTA_Anc_tags_18 -p Anchored_tags_18_part_outg.best_scheme.nex
-z Anchored_tags_concaten_1.trees -n 0 -wpl --prefix [ ]
The random seed number is 844544.
These are the error in the log file: 
Total number of iterations: 0 CPU time used for tree search: 0.000 sec (0h:0m:0s) Wall-clock time used for tree search: 0.000 sec (0h:0m:0s) Total CPU time used: 65.680 sec (0h:1m:5s) Total wall-clock time used: 69.195 sec (0h:1m:9s) ERROR: STACK TRACE FOR DEBUGGING: ERROR: 1 funcAbort() ERROR: 2 () ERROR: 3 gsignal() ERROR: 4 abort() ERROR: 5 () ERROR: 6 () ERROR: 7 runTreeReconstruction(Params&, IQTree*&) ERROR: 8 runPhyloAnalysis(Params&, Checkpoint*, IQTree*&, Alignment*&) ERROR: 9 runPhyloAnalysis(Params&, Checkpoint*) ERROR: 10 main() ERROR: 11 __libc_start_main() ERROR: 12 () ERROR: ERROR: *** IQ-TREE CRASHES WITH SIGNAL ABORTED ERROR: *** For bug report please send to developers: ERROR: *** Log file: Influ_genes_A_tags.log ERROR: *** Alignment files (if possible)

Log file attached to this email, thank you and sorry for submitting the previous question without following the instructions.
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