Help with HIG/adhoc testing?

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Adam Jack

Feb 23, 2009, 4:32:29 PM2/23/09

It was a pleasure meeting you all on Saturday at the DevCamp. I wish I'd been able to stay around longer and chat afterwards to meet more of you (... and no, that not just because I was heading home to help moderate a sleepover party for 9 six year old girls! ;-) Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter ( or via this e-mail address.

As I posted in this MatchUp page below (and thanks Joe for everything this weekend and for this group today) ...

... I could really use some help with testing my application. I do not have sufficient HIG knowledge to know if I'll fail to be approved and would really appreciate testing from those who have such knowledge. Also, I would welcome usability feedback and any general testing.

The application is built with tabs and navigation controllers, uses location services/pickers/text editors/table views to create entries in an sqlite3 database. It synchronizes with a website via XML over HTTP. Frankly, I probably went further than I should have for a first application however I couldn't find a subset of the functionality that felt sufficient. I have had some domain specific users test the application and it is getting more stable in what it does, but I have not had it tested by iPhone developers & would value that feedback.

If you would be willing to do this clearly I'll reciprocate with testing as and when you need it. Please send your device identifiers to


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