IPDA Geometry Project White Paper

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Acton, Charles H (343N)

May 17, 2012, 6:05:46 PM5/17/12
to Kirk, Randolph L (4500-Affiliate), Mitch Gordon, Jose Vazquez, Simpson, Richard A (6520-Affiliate), Lisa Gaddis, Acton, Charles H (343N), ipda...@googlegroups.com, ipda...@googlegroups.com, Crichton, Daniel J (4231), grayzeck
This email is intended for anyone interested in the IPDA Geometry Project.

For those interested, please find in attachment:

  1)  Cover letter
  2)  Geometry Project White Paper, Rev. 0

Chuck Acton


Mitch Gordon

May 25, 2012, 8:21:33 AM5/25/12
to ipda...@googlegroups.com
Hi Chuck,

I'm in. Thanks for doing all of the hard work for us.

> 2. Let me know if you think focusing on this white paper is the right
> approach. And if not, what approach do you recommend?

Right/wrong seem the wrong adjectives. This approach should work, and
since you've employed it to intentionally reduce the load on the rest of
us, I like it.

> 3. If you do agree the group should focus on this white paper, shall
> we begin by having everyone send back to me either general comments,
> or specific changes, or both? Or do you have a suggestion for a
> better way to move ahead with revising this document?

I recommend sending general comments to everyone who agrees to work
this, and sending specific editorial comments to you.


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