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Ola Bini

Apr 24, 2011, 1:32:57 PM4/24/11
Hi everyone,

It's been very quiet around Ioke for a while now - and I'm mainly to
blame for that, of course. I haven't been able to put out a new release
for some time, and in an effort to alleviate that, I decided to make it
possible to publish snapshot releases instead.

As part of that I've set up a continuous integration server. You can get
readonly access to all the Ioke pipelines by going to I'm using the latest version of Go (the ThoughtWorks
continuous integration and continuous deployment server), and it runs
all the tests on Windows 7 and Linux with Java 6 (CentOS 5 to be
specific). It also runs all tests on CLR on Windows 7, and on Mono with
both Linux and Windows 7. It also has a Quality pipeline that will run a
coverage build. Finally, I've also made it possible to deploy snapshots
(and real releases) using a pipeline that is manually started. This will
do three things - first, push snapshots of all the dist files to (using a naming convention where -p{BUILD_NUMBER} is added to
the existing version. It will also add symlinks for these). It will push
new doks to And it will publish a new Maven drop
using the same naming convention.

So this makes it possible for anyone to get access to newer Ioke code.
For reference, the current latest drops can be downloaded from The latest version is 0.4.0-p11. Hopefully this
will make it a bit easier for everyone that's been waiting for a new
release. It will also help ensure that I don't break anything

Ola Bini (
Ioke - JRuby - ThoughtWorks

"Yields falsehood when quined" yields falsehood when quined.

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