InterSystems.Data.CacheClient .net CacheParameter - is there a number of parameters limitation?

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Mar 19, 2018, 7:40:14 AM3/19/18
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Hi Folks

I am having an issue with  CacheParameter in my .net project. It doesn't seem to allow me to pass more than 2 parameters into my cache stored procedure. I get the error "Parameter list mismatch". I have tried multiple different version of   InterSystems.Data.CacheClient; but with no success.

My .Net project communicates with my cache database using the cacheClient, but it calls a stored procedure on the cache side


working code example

CacheCommand cmd = new InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.CacheCommand("{call mystoredproc(?)}", _conn);

//Add parameters

CacheParameter Rowid = new CacheParameter("Rowid", CacheDbType.NVarChar);

Rowid.Value = ID;


Although this is my first time using this method to connect and pass parameters, im confident I have tried everything to get this working. It works fine with 1 or 2 parameters, but 3 just wont work. I searched documentation for any kind of limitation but found no mention of this. Any help or advice greatly appreciated



Sep 6, 2018, 1:44:45 PM9/6/18
to IRIS, Caché, Ensemble
Hi adamp.

I think the best option here is use '@something' instead '?'.

So your code will be something like that:

CacheCommand cmd = new InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.CacheCommand("{call mystoredproc(@parameter1)}", _conn);

//Add parameters

CacheParameter Rowid = new CacheParameter("@parameter1", CacheDbType.NVarChar);

Rowid.Value = ID;


Leonardo de Souza Pereira

Sep 12, 2018, 7:31:16 AM9/12/18
Also you can do parameter = parameter1_"^"_parameter2,3,4,5

And break them down after.. if that's the case...

IRIS, Caché, Ensemble
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