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Kim Gainer

Jun 7, 2021, 1:38:57 PM6/7/21
to Intellectual Property Caucus
Below is how the SG meeting proposal as it has been entered into the platform thus far.

Remaining issues: 

1. A few people are not in the database yet (have not yet created profiles) so at the moment are not showing up as roundtable leaders. I can try to enter those folks manually but it would be less complicated if they were in the database.

2. The time is set at 75 minutes, so Alex may need to wrangle some additional time for us.

3. The cluster categories have changed. I checked Community, Civic, and Public Contexts of Writing as the closest match.

CCCC Intellectual Property in Composition Studies Standing Group Business Meeting
CCCC Convention 2022
Abstract No:
Session Type:
Standing Group or Special Interest Group Meeting (75 min) 

Primary Presenter:
Alex Nielsen  
Old Dominion University
Thomas Pickering  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Roundtable Leader(s):
Kathy Anders  
Texas A&M University
Mike Edwards  
Washington State University
Clancy Ratliff  
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Jeffrey Galin  
Florida Atlantic University
James Purdy  
Duquesne University
Kim Gainer  
Radford University
Karen Lunsford  
University of California, Santa Barbara
Laurie Cubbison  
Radford University
Jessica Reyman  
Northern Illinois University

Proposal Description:
The Standing Group on Intellectual Property in Composition Studies (CCCC-IP) invites to its open annual meeting scholars and teachers concerned with issues of authorship, copyright, fair use, remix, access, and ownership and use of intellectual property (IP). At this practical and action-focused meeting, the Standing Group will discuss the current status of teaching and research on authorship, copyright, and intellectual property in the field of rhetoric and composition. Participants will meet in roundtables to discuss topics such as remix and participatory culture, plagiarism and authorship, students' rights to their intellectual property, open access and open source publishing, and best practices in teaching students and instructors about IP. Attendees may choose to participate in one or more of four roundtables:

Emerging Legal and Legislative Developments
This roundtable will host a discussion of legal and legislative IP developments as they affect students, educators, researchers, and educational institutions. Discussion will address enacted legislation and final court decisions as well as ongoing cases and proposed legislation. Focus will be on implications for students and educators who wish to make appropriate use of copyrighted material in legitimate ways as they move toward reaching their educational goals, with special attention paid to the impact of IP developments on marginalized communities.

Students' Rights to Their Own Intellectual Property
This roundtable will focus on student IP ownership, both in and out of the classroom, how scholars and teachers can inform students about (and advocate for) their rights as content creators, remixers, and critics. Topics of discussion will include pedagogical and organizational strategies, best practices for online production and/or publication of assignments, impacts of technologies and institutional policy on student IP, and assessment of student collaborative work with shared ownership.

Course Development in Intellectual Property/Remix
This roundtable will discuss pedagogical approaches to IP issues, particularly in designing and delivering courses that focus on IP issues in composition. Participants will consider what instructors should cover, what students need to know about IP from a variety of perspectives, including considerations for protecting cultural heritage and indigenous IP and recognizing different cultural approaches to IP, how IP concerns affect student professionalization and post-graduate work, and how students can contribute to the productive and ethical valuation and circulation of various forms of IP.

Ongoing and Emerging Topics in Intellectual Property
This roundtable will discuss ongoing and newly-emerging issues in intellectual property, such as technological and social impacts on ownership, authors and advocates, developments in the Free and Open Source community, how practices align with the sustainability of authorship as a construct, and data ownership issues. Discussion will include how the digital humanities field intersects with composition issues especially with copyright and IP issues, what questions scholars new-to-IP issues are most interested in addressing, and how the IP-Caucus can best address the needs and questions of its incoming membership.

Following the roundtables, participants will reconvene to share their plans and recommend actions for the coming year. The business meeting also will discuss progress toward publishing a collection on key IP developments within the last 10-15 years and submission of a NCTE-sponsored grant for an IP-related research project. Attendees are also encouraged to inquire about mentoring opportunities for junior scholars and graduate students.

Proposal Annotation:
The CCCC-IP Standing Group annual meeting provides a forum for discussions of authorship, copyright, fair use, remix, access, and IP issues via roundtables that explore composition instruction on intellectual property, discuss scholarly strategies and resources, and create action plans on current events and issues.

Community, Civic, and Public Contexts of Writing
Proposal Level:

CCCC Additional Info
Standing Group or Special Interest Group Meeting 
Please select a day for your Standing Group or Special Interest Group Meeting

Gainer, Kim

Jun 7, 2021, 1:48:57 PM6/7/21

John Logie is now in the proposal as a round table leader, too.


Dr. Kim D. Gainer

Professor of English and Associate Dean,

College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences

Radford University

Radford, VA 24142-6940

CHBS 3405



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Nielsen, Alex C.

Jun 7, 2021, 2:27:59 PM6/7/21

Hi Kim,

I will start the process of navigating this labyrinthian technologized nightmare now that the submission in. We will have to add additional presenters after the fact, but that should be no major issue!


Thanks so much,



From: <> On Behalf Of Kim Gainer
Sent: Monday, June 7, 2021 1:39 PM
To: Intellectual Property Caucus <>
Subject: Proposal on CCCC Platform


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