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Phillip Warren

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Hi all. An interesting experiment.
Cheers, Phil
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Subject: Recruit Three Friends To Clean Up Polluted Water

 Living The Field - Tools for a new world
The Intention Experiment E-news. 11 June 2009

  The Clean Water intention experiment
Recruit Three Friends To Clean Up Polluted Water
Dear friends,
Our pilot Clean Water Experiment, being held on June 13, 2009 at 4 pm GMT, is ready to go, and now we need as many participants as possible.
That's why we'd like you to sign up for our experiment right now, and then ask three friends to do the same.
Here's what to do:
1. REGISTER.  If you haven't already done so, please do so today. 
You can't participate unless you register, and registration will take 5-10 minutes.  Don't risk missing the experiment or causing a log-jam on Saturday.  Registering ahead helps us to estimate the server power needed.
Register by going directly to:

2. WRITE DOWN THE TIME OF THE EXPERIMENT IN YOUR TIME ZONE.  The Clean Water Experiment is running at 4 pm Greenwich Mean Time, which translates into the following:
9 am Pacific DST
10 am Mountain DST
11 am Central DST
12 noon Eastern DST
5 pm British Summer Time
6 pm European Summer Time
2 am Sydney Australia
Immediately login, and you'll be sent to a page where you can start Powering Up.  If you sign up about 15 minutes beforehand, you will avoid jamming the site. 
4. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.  The pages will flip over automatically. The first page will show you the basics of Powering Up - my program for sending intention. 
After 5 minutes, the page will flip over to a page explaining the experiment and how it will work.  Stay in your meditative state as you read.
After 5 minutes more, the page will flip over, and the experiment will start.  Jonathan Goldman's Choku Rei music will automatically play. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on the page.
After 10 minutes, the page will flip over and you'll be told the experiment is over
5.  JOIN THE FORUM and share your experience.
6.  FILL OUT OUR SURVEY.  After a short period, I will send all participants a survey, to find out if your life has changed since you participated.
BUT LET'S GET AS MANY AS POSSIBLE FOR THIS INTENTION EXPERIMENT.  Tell three of your nearest and dearest to take part in this ground-breaking event. FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS EMAIL.
I look forward to being with you on Saturday.
Best wishes,
Lynne McTaggart 

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