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Phillip Warren

Jul 9, 2009, 12:36:11 AM7/9/09
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Don't Close Your Eyes!


James  Twyman <busi...@belovedcommunity.org> 


Tuesday, June 23, 2009 1:53 pm


Don’t close your eyes!

A Critical Letter From James Twyman:

The situations in Iran and North Korea are too important for spiritual apathy. I can't count how many times I've spoken to people who claim to be spiritually enlightened who say that they don't watch the news because it's too violent or too disturbing. I want to encourage all of you to rethink that position. I once shared a call with Rev. Michael Beckwith who suggested we use the news as a reason to pray -- to watch the tragic events of our times and send our love and energy for the healing and evolution of humanity. To close our eyes at this critical time is the same as turning your back. All you need to do is watch the smuggled video of Neda, the 16 year old girl in Iran who was shot dead by Iranian militia during the recent protests over the presidential election. Will you turn a blind eye to her death, or see it as a "spiritual call to action," raising your heart and soul to support these brave people and say "I can be part of the shift toward peace"?

In September 11, I am traveling to Iran, North Korea and Israel for a series of concerts and worldwide prayer vigil that will give us the opportunity to respond spiritually to these important issues. I am putting my own life on the line because I feel that this is such a critical moment, and all I'm asking of you is to join me in spirit. This will be the largest prayer vigil in history, but it will only be successful if you help us get word out to everyone on your email list. We are asking people to register for the vigil so we can send up to date emails from the field, and to direct hundreds of thousands of people in the ancient technology we will apply during this week. It is important that we know what part of the world you are in since each region will have a different role to play. (If you are already on my email list, then you are automatically registered, but if this has been forwarded to you by another person, please go to www.jamestwyman.com for more information.)

James Twyman


The fundamental question above is really "To watch or not to watch bad news?" My observation is that everyone has a different tolerance level for violence, injustice, and general negativities. Clearly, many people are in a different class than Twyman’s "watch & pray" modality. I think my "Be aware but NOT be obsessed by it" is the middle way that Buddha taught. Yes, pain & suffering is ubiquitous in human life. I think prayer for a specific tragic event of the day plus a general prayer for "all sentient beings" is a normal approach for most religions and spiritual beings. In general, too much of anything is not good especially if it is bad info. Too much of a good thing can make us delirious. Buddhism teaches equanimity.

Yes, it is true that the mainstream media uses sensationalized bad news to sell newspapers, magazines, et al. Doctors, lawyers, pharmaceutical masters, pimps, etc. use human misery to make a living. Too much bad news/misery causes depression. People dumb-downed are easier to control and manipulate. It is a downward spiral with no way out. It is beyond apathy.

The very religious do not focus on "what we want more of", but rather what God wants, or as St. Francis said: "Make me an instrument of Thy peace." They surrender to and trust God ("faith is sufficient") rather than humanistic goals. This is the third viewpoint practised by saints and suicide bombers alike.

Truly in the Information Age, people have the knowledge but seldom the action to go with it. It is not easy when the ego/intellect/mind is in charge, because don’t they (duality) deserve what’s coming to them anyways? Only when the heart/soul is in charge that one sees the unity of all and acts accordingly.

In the Secret Movie, we were told to focus all our energy on good news, lest we give too much energy to the negative things in life.   

Here peace troubadour James Twyman & Rev. Michael Beckwith is calling for spiritual action in order to change the energy of the tragic events for the better.  Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra also have their spiritual call to action in recent times.  The Institute of HeartMath/Global Consciousness Initiative (Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher), author Lynne McTaggert is also doing the Intention Experiments (double-blind studies) to show that mind can over come matter.  The Dalai Lama (coming in September), Gregg Braden (coming to Vancouver October), Dr. Emoto (came before), and many others are all calling for the same thing…A Call to Consciousness. Knowledge is NOT enough!  It is what we do with it that ultimately counts.


It is up to each one of us to contribute more light into our “noosphere” or collective consciousness.


Any and all comments are welcome.

Be the change,




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