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Phillip Warren

Jul 7, 2010, 6:44:30 PM7/7/10
to Christina Elvin, energym,,,

Hi all,

I always combine acknowledging the problem (tuning in) and then setting the desired outcome (DO) which then serves as the target event. The focus thus will be on the DO.

A major de-stressor and system integrator, which is very common and which I use a lot personally and in session, involves very lightly holding the stress release points located on the bumps just above the eyes.

 Also, I have people gently rest the tip of their tongue just behind their upper teeth.

As well they breath THROUGH THE NOSE and as they do so imagine breathing in the sensations and feelings of the DO and out those of the problem (in = good, out = bad).

These approaches are part of my Success over distress (lite) program which I use in sessions and in workshops. Contact me for more information if interested.

Cheers, Phil

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Hi Sharon
Just a quickie in response to your request below. 
In your request below you write   ... - take several deep breaths - visualize yourself without the bad habit ... "  well, something that I use in my work is getting people to focus on what they DO want ie the positive and opposite to what they don't want.  So maybe your contribution could be rephrased as "... take several deep breaths" ... "visualise yourself with your new, healthy and positive habit - how your future will look" etc...
And whilst you're asking for suggestions, a gem of one I use with clients is this one, and clients do remember it even from years ago when I first thought of it:
Belly Button Breathing (or BBB):  Take a deep breath in and feel it filling your body down to your belly button (navel), hold that breathe for a mental count of 4 elephants and then slowly release to a mental count of 6 elephants.  Do this 3 times and notice how calm and relaxed you feel.   teh shortened version is:
Breath in, hold for a count of 4 elephants, release slowly to a count of 6 elephants, repeat twice. 
NB: saying the word 'elephant' is equivalent timewise to one second and is a lot easier than saying:  " ... hold your breath for 4 seconds, then etc etc ..."
Hope they help - and good luck with your article.

Christina Elvin

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Hi All,
I was asked to contribute to a Canadian wellness, anti-aging and
enhancement magazine for an article on four ways to break bad habits.
One of the ways would be to "Tap it away". Others can be "positive
affirmations", "be aware when the bad habit takes hold- take several
deep breaths"...
"visualize yourself without the bad habit - how your future would look",
etc. Any other simple suggestions? I could also use help with the
wording which needs to be kept
simple and appeal to the lay person.


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