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Phillip Warren

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Hi all,

Since the current EP community is fixated on tapping as the preferred approach, I'm sending (Cc) this to a number of relevant newsgroups in hopes that there will be a broadening of view points of all the possibilities beyond tapping.

I've done this blend (EP+EM) since I discovered (Spring 2001) Donna's formulation of the radiant circuits and created the Radiant Energies Balance protocol posture (hooks up spleen, triple warmer, central and governing meridians/radiant circuits). See for more information and for more recent developments contact me at . The REB protocol involves a comprehensive, integrated and flexible use of the body's energy system to turbo charge other therapeutic interventions. Janet Nestor has been exploring and developing many applications of the REB Protocol in her practice (see and ).

I'm currently working on a way to integrate J. Schwartz's "Four Step" approach (originally developed for OCD and now expanded to all types of psychological issues in his recent book You Are NOT Your Brain: The 4 Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life. Avery/Penguin (see ) with EP+EM and HeartMath (Coherent Heart–Brain Interactions see and the current darling of psychology, Mindfulness (see research newsletter at ). Schwartz has a number of interesting re-frames based on the neuroplasticity research and brain imaging where he tracked the sequence of brain centers involved OCD symptoms.

As Gestalt psych says, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.


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It's an old post,but I thought I'll add my new ideas there.Hoping others will follow on:)
I recently started tracing front and back regulator (it's a radiant circuit) before I do EFT.It makes the whole system calmer.
Share your ideas,please, how do you combine energy medicine and energy psychology?

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> Hi,all,
> for those who are both into EP and EM,which of EM's techniques has helped you with healing psychological issues?Would you share your experiences and stories?
> Personally,I think that the combo EP+EM is a very potent one.Working with starfish connection and vortexes seem to move a lot for a person.Unfreezing a meridian can also open new ways of healing and being.
> I'm still dipping my feet in all of this,so your feedback is warmly welcomed.

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