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Phillip Warren

Sep 6, 2010, 8:11:10 PM9/6/10
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Hi all,

I recommend that members interested in research check out the article "Top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in mind-body medicine:Development of an integrative framework for psychophysiological research"  In EXPLORE January/February 2010, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 29-41

It surveys research possibilities in CAM etc. and is very comprehensive. The article originates from University of Virginia, School of Nursing, Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies.

It points out the various communication/influence pathways that mediate interventions and describes the two way conversations between the brain and the rest of the body. I still find it astonishing that so much of psychobiology only considers the brain as the primary causal agent and target for intervention. And they use pre-quantum thought too boot; as if the human/animal system is the only one in the universe that's not subject to quantum physical principles.

I have developed a Success Over Distress (SoD) protocol (strengtahs described below) which incorporates and simple application of many of the CAM interventions proposed for research and evaluation in the article refered to above. If anyone wants more information they can backchannel me.

Below is a brief statement of the strengths of the SoD program:


Success Over Distress -SoD- (lite) program incorporates several cutting edge methods

For some time, I've been researching the most powerful and simplest do-it-yourself approaches for de-stressing. An brief overview of my research is contained in the document: A Success Over Distress (lite) training program 10 pages (as well as on my website ). The manual of the actual methods is contained in the document : Simple fast and immediate stress management and reduction techniques (lite) 18 pages.

This Success Over Distress -SoD- (lite) program acts as First Aid for PsychoPhysiological Distress (e.g. CPR for distress). This makes it unique. The ease of use of these seemingly simple techniques is deceptive. Using most of them will result in instant relief in your life and with sincere consistent practice they will be life changing. These techniques cost no money, take very little time, don't require special circumstances or settings or equipment. Certain techniques of the program, if practiced in daily life for a period of time, will create system wide changes so that you will be much calmer when encountering distressful situations. However, as they say about the game of GO, you can learn it a few hours but mastery will involve a life time. In summary, with consistent practice, you will maintain your psychophysical balance and coherence so that you will be much more successful in handling "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" which are coming at us with increasing intensity and frequency.

The methods contained in the manual, which I also use in one to one life coaching, involve techniques from these powerful approaches, incorporated in a compact and user friendly package:
  • From meditation traditions: Breathing through the nose and a non-attachment/mindfulness/just noticing perspective to life.
  • From cognitive behavioural therapy and Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) approaches: Effective affirmations and self talk monitoring (avoiding the "Yea Buts" and self-sabotage), changing the internal image of an issue and using eye positions and eye movements to discover hidden aspects of an issue.
  • From Energy Psychology, Traditional Chinese and other Asian healing traditions: Stimulating and engaging the meridians, accupoints and chakras.
  • From Positive Psychology, HeartMath and HRV (Heart Rate Variability) research: Bringing positive feelings to the heart, your major electromagnetic bio-driver. A coherent heart (optimal HRV) results in a coherent and integrated system (body, mind, spirit).
  • From Somatic, Trauma and Focusing ("Felt Sense") psychotherapy approaches: Identifying where in your body you are storing the effects of your issues ("The body keeps the score"). What happened to you is not the target. The important thing and critical target is how you are holding on to the past and the effects it has on you in present time.
Cheers, Phil
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