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Jun 26, 2020, 3:32:51 PM6/26/20
to Integrated Genome Browser Help Desk
After adding my quickload folder to Data Sources I am facing the error, "Site not responding or missing required files."

I have a local Quickload folder set up on my desktop containing a contents.txt file and a S_lycopersicum_Sep_2019 folder. The S_lycopersicum folder contains a genome.txt file for SL4.0, an annots.xml file, and a folder containing my Bam/bai files.  

My annots.xml reads as follows: 
<!-- Set of Bam files for IGBQuickload -->
<file name = "bamfiles/SRR2006791.bam"
index = "bamfiles/SRR2006791.bai"
title = "RNA-seq/WT Leaf Heat Stress"
description = "Fragkostefanakis S et al. 2016"/>

Do you have any troubleshooting ideas to help solve this problem?

Thank you,
Ben Styler

Jun 29, 2020, 3:31:17 PM6/29/20
to Integrated Genome Browser Help Desk
Hi Ben,

Glad we were able to figure out the issue today. Let me know if you run into anything else and I would be glad to help.

And thank you for identifying the issue with the Galaxy link, we will be investigating that immediately.



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