IGB 9.1.10 released

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Nowlan Freese

Nov 7, 2022, 10:08:02 AM11/7/22
to Integrated Genome Browser Help Desk
We are excited to announce that we have released IGB 9.1.10.

Some highlights:
  • Fixed an issue where recent versions of macOS caused IGB to crash.
  • UCSC DAS is now enabled by default in IGB. Additional genomes, genome versions, and annotations will now show in IGB by default. These can be disabled under the IGB Preferences Data Sources tab.
Please let us know if  you experience any issues!

Full release notes:
Updated Genome
  • [IGBF-2696] - Add blacklist regions to IGB quickload for mouse, human, fruit fly
  • [IGBF-2952] - Add UCSC dm6 fruit fly genome and annotation to IGB
  • [IGBF-3068] - Enable DAS by default
  • [IGBF-1410] - Improve file name and file existence checking logic when saving track data
  • [IGBF-2370] - Investigate IGB certificate dialog box option selection problems
  • [IGBF-2654] - Fix: 'replace' action while saving file
  • [IGBF-3104] - Investigate IGB crash on MacOS
  • [IGBF-3126] - Investigate Monterrey upgrade problem
  • [IGBF-3130] - Investigate trust following certificate modal
New Feature
  • [IGBF-3131] - Implement Add Data Source (Quickload) endpoint
  • [IGBF-2846] - Investigate: Create Add Data Source (Quickload) endpoint
  • [IGBF-2992] - Test: Create an intron glyph for genoviz-sdk (ArrowHeadGlyph)
  • [IGBF-3113] - Make new Docker image with version 9 Install4J and Zulu JDKs to build IGB
  • [IGBF-3118] - Create new JRE bundle for Windows installer
  • [IGBF-3124] - Create new JRE bundle for Linux installer
  • [IGBF-3146] - Remove "useq" packages from genometry bundle in IGB
  • [IGBF-3183] - Fix BioViz Connect file with no attached metadata leads to error
  • [IGBF-3208] - Fix: Linux save file not adding file extension to saved tracks or sessions
  • [IGBF-3210] - Ensure that scidas URLs are primary quickload's for default IGB quickloads
  • [IGBF-2911] - Handle araTha1 synonym in track hub facade
  • [IGBF-2944] - Update annots.xml url validation and filetype determination for trackhubs
  • [IGBF-2957] - Remove text from empty "Add" data source interface
  • [IGBF-2978] - Improve bigBed parsing
  • [IGBF-2983] - Fix bookmark file name appearance in IGB
  • [IGBF-3001] - Handle data sources with improper SSL certificates
  • [IGBF-3008] - Improve bookmark interface
  • [IGBF-3032] - Change default name for bookmarks
  • [IGBF-3087] - Fix custom SSL certificate validation
  • [IGBF-3136] - Remove modal from IGBTrustManager
  • [IGBF-3140] - Fix App Manager problem with Zulu Java8 JDK
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