Client drops + occasional freezing

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John Clark

Jun 9, 2022, 3:00:37 PMJun 9
to Input Director
Hello there - I was using input director a few years ago... and have recently installed v2.1.1

Through the course of the day, I experience periodic client drops.  I get a message that the client is not responding.  I resolve this by waiting and it just comes back to connect on it's own.  I have certainty both the client and the server are well-connected via wireless throughout... I see no network interruption.  This happens 2-3 times per day.

I have two different clients that I interchange... and they both show the same behavior.

In addition, at least once per day, I completely lose the mouse.  I resolve by hitting the windows button - it is always active on the client system.  I use my touch screen on the client system to power down that client system and the mouse goes back to normal operation on the "server."

This feels kind of unstable... does anyone else see this?  Is there any logging that may help me isolate the underlying cause?  

When it runs, it is a rock star!  Thx JC


Jun 16, 2022, 6:48:48 PMJun 16
to Input Director
Hi John,

Next time the mouse is lost, try using the Director hotkey (left ctrl + left alt + break) to return the cursor back to the Director system. Does that work? If you then transition back to the Client, did that error or work?



Scott Copus

Jun 20, 2022, 2:50:24 PMJun 20
WiFi has a LOT greater potential for interference than hardwired ethernet.  Even then ethernet may not always be reliable too.  For example I have a router that likes to flake out my LAN traffic a few times a day.  But to help rule out connectivity issues, whether WiFi or otherwise, check out this tool below.  It can be configured to keep a log of failed pings, keep a total count or percentage, audio alerts, and so on.  I'd suggest installing it on both hosts pinging each other all the time at a frequency of around once a second or maybe even more frequently.  That may help rule out connectivity issues.


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Jun 29, 2022, 9:58:00 PMJun 29
Yes, I strongly suggest switching to a hardwire connection, especially if you live in an urban environment.  Wired is rock solid for me.  

While we are on the subject, let me Express appreciation for how good the dynamic network frequency is in input director.  It even handles 1000hz polling rates smoothly!.

(It Did catch me by a little bit up a surprise though, I previously had kept the pulling rate to five hundred hurt, under the presumption that the dynamic would only scale as high as five hundred hurts a second, then noticed my mouse not acting quite a smoothly on the secondary systems as my main one. Bunch of testing with mouse tester later I realized dynamic scaling was the way to go!

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