One monitor two (or more) PC solution

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Feb 27, 2020, 12:19:17 AM2/27/20
to Input Director
Maybe someone will be interested...

1. Software

WinSendKeys for hotkey emulation
ControlMyMonitor for switch monitor inputs -
nircmd for hide batch file window -

I recommend putting all tools in one folder. C:\Program files\Utility\ in my examples (same on both PC)

2. Preparation

Turn off second (slave) PC or  pull out video cable connector from monitor or PC.
Run ControlMyMonitor on first (master) PC and remember the following data:


monitor name and input select value.

Turn on second PC, switch monitor and turn off first PC
Run ControlMyMonitor on second PC and remember same data

3. Input Director setting

On first (master) PC

assign hotkey to return input to first PC

assign hotkey to set input to second PC

turn on Logitech keyboard compatibility mode

not important settings, but...

there is nothing special in the ID settings on the second (slave) PC

4.Make switch buttons

On first (master) PC

Create batch file SwitchPC.bat in tools folder.

where "\\.DISPLAY1\Monitor0" - monitor name from ControlMyMonitor  from first PC, "17" - input select value from first PC and "18" - input select value from second PC,
"^^!2" (Ctrl+Alt+2) - hotkey sequence  to set input to second PC 

Make shortcut (switch button) for nircmd.exe on desktop and edit it

add exec and hide keys and SwitchPC.bat batch file as parameters

click on shortcut and you should switch to the second PC...

On second (slave) PC

Run PsExec.exe and accept EULA

Create batch file SwitchPC.bat in tools folder.


where "\\.DISPLAY1\Monitor0" - monitor name from ControlMyMonitor  from second PC, "18" - input select value from second PC and "17" - input select value from first PC,
"\\phoenix"  - network name of first PC, "^^!1" (Ctrl+Alt+1) - hotkey sequence  to return input to first PC 

Make shortcut (switch button)  just like for the first PC

Congratulations you did it.

Thanks for attention and sorry for my bad english.

Gabriel Aquilano

Jan 25, 2021, 2:36:07 PM1/25/21
to Input Director
just found this post, pretty cool, man. I ended up buying a cheap hdmi switch for this , a couple of weeks ago heheeh I'll keep this in my notes for future setup changes.
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